Speculation on The Renraku/Fuchi Decision

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Speculation on The Renraku/Fuchi Decision

Post  Captain_Chaos on Sun 21 Aug 2011, 7:03 pm

Keep this on topic boys and girls

Chromed Accountant wrote:After a closed session of the Corporate Court aboard Zurich Orbital, the CC has ruled that Miles Lanier (who apparently been working for Fuchi the whole time while at Renraku) would sell his Renraku stock to the Zurich Geimenschaft Bank at under market value; thus relieving him of his seat on Renraku's board. Though Renraku wanted Lanier punished, Fuchi countered that as Fuchi was the recipient of Renraku's strikes, Fuchi would see to Lanier's punishment if any.

The selling of stock at below market value has had the side effect of making Renraku's share prices drop steeply, causing a rash of doubt from the shareholders in Renraku. Renraku's got its hands full not only with that but also the sudden loss of terrabytes of sensitive information that occured sometime before the court adjourned.

Not a good day for the mega who was pushing for number one, only fall back down hole.

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