Newsflash: Elections Rigged, New Elections Called for!

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Newsflash: Elections Rigged, New Elections Called for!

Post  Captain_Chaos on Tue 24 Mar 2009, 3:17 am

Startling news chummers! (Or maybe not so startling to the vast majority of cynics amongst us): The elections of 2056, having been dubbed "the dullest election of the 21st century" by the media; has turned out to have been rigged!

The remote vote system had apparently fallen victim to electronic tampering; which cast the victory of President Thomas Steele, and VP James Booth, into question. Congress launched an investigation and has announced its decision to impeach the President and Vice President! We will announce more as we hear it.

Now Chummers, you can get all this on the local screamsheets, but the reason this becomes important to you and me, is the opportunities that open up. Candidates will be looking for more than just mudslinging. As the future would-be leaders of the UCAS, there's gonna be a demand for Runners. Be careful out there.

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