Miles Lanier Leaves Fuchi!

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Miles Lanier Leaves Fuchi!

Post  Chromed Accountant on Mon 30 May 2011, 11:04 pm

Thats right, as usual the money talks. Miles Lanier, head of security for Fuchi Americas has now become EX-head of security for Fuchi Americas. With 4 million shares being given to him by the late Dunkelzahn, Lanier is going over to Fuchi competitor and bitter rival, Renraku. Witnesses report heated arguements between Lanier and Richard Villiers, CEO and head of Fuchi Americas. The two had been purportedly long time friends until now. But that friendship seems to be over.

Here's what this means: Renraku has just gained EVERY security secret that Fuchi has, considering that Lanier has spent years perfecting Fuchi security personally. Fuchi is going to scramble to prepare some kind of defense against this massive security leak. At the same time, Renraku will be watchful, unsure of Lanier's loyalties, despite the coup. Should be interesting.

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