Update on Presidential Run

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Update on Presidential Run

Post  Captain_Chaos on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 4:58 am

Here's the latest from well known trid news pirate Chrome Cassandra. Her opinions are her own, but she does seem to get the heart of the matter. As always, take what you see and hear with a grain of digital salt.

-Captain Chaos

Chrome Cassandra 'Tellin' it Like it Is' Dec 2nd 2058 wrote:With only several more months to go in the campaign for the top-spot of President of the UCAS, the competition is hotter than molten plasteel.

The Early Polls are in!

Dunkelzahn 21%
Brackhaven 19%
Yeats 18%
Vogel 10%
Hernandez 9%
Booth 1%
Undecided 22%

It looks like the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn is taking the lead with progressive ideas, and a look to the future of mankind that is also rooted in the inventiveness and ingenuity of the Canadian-American Spirit. Y'know, I just like the big wyrm. He's got the long view in mind, and I get the feeling he really does care about people, and not so much "govern" as "guide" us. What? A girl can't have a little hope in this cynical messed up world?

And speaking of messed up: close behind with a surprising amount of popularity is Kenneth Brackhaven, racist extrordinaire! Who promises a "Holy war for the soul of the nation." I mean, can you believe this guy? He talks about a "return to traditional values" except that those values of his don't include magic, metahumans of any stripe, and any facet of the Awakening. He hasn't advocated putting metas in concentration camps (yet), but he's basically promised to purge the UCAS of its metahuman "freaks" and the "corruption, depression, and political unrest" they supposedly cause. I don't know what's worse, the Adolf Hitler impression, or the fact that the average citizen eats it up.

Next up is Gen. Franklin Yeats of the Republican party. Square jawed and ready to kick butt, Yeats favors strengthening the military (duh) and gearing up to "reunify" (read: conquer) California, the Confederated American States, and maybe even the Native American Nations. Don't get me wrong, his intelligent, reserve and status as a "hero" of the formative years of the UCAS give him some hefty popularity. He's also got a strong female, and metahuman vote going for him because his running-mate is Anne Penchyk, a strong, savvy, female Orc and advocate for metahuman rights.

Democratic "One World" nominee Arthur Vogel took a hit last month, losing third place to Yeats. But you can't keep the little bugger down. Hotshot eco-lawyer Arthur Vogel is down but not out and this is a gap he intends to close. Even if the rumored ties to Terra First! are true, he still has the image of of the lone hero taking on the big bad corps and fighting for a better planet. All well and good, but most people think more about how they're gonna save the people rather than save the Earth.

Dr. Rozalyn Hernandez of the "New Century Party" (what does that even MEAN?) is trailing pretty badly. But when your idea of running for president is saying that "magic and technology together will make a better world." What did you expect? You gonna wave your magic wand alongside your cyberdeck and somehow fix things? Seriously. Go smoke a condensed plasma jet.

And finally, with (giggle) 1% approval, is James Booth. This guy has his head so far his exhaust pipe the fumes are coming out of his ears. Did he think that people would just forget that he was Vice President already... and that those elections had been rigged? I don't think so. He does have one thing going for him... he's got the "same-old same-old" vote all sewn up.

And thats the basic rundown kiddies, (for those who have just joined us).

One final thing: Seattle-ites watch out because the final leg of our little drama is going to be played right in our backyard. That's right, many of the candidates are swinging through the emerald city for speeches and rallies before heading to DC for the final voting.

Vogel, Yeats, and Dunkelzahn himself are all scheduled to be in the Seattle Mtreoplex in the coming months. Stay tuned for more!


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Post  vanguard on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 5:01 pm

i would be very interested to meet Dunkelzahn or at least see him in person. It really isn't every day you get the opportunity to see a dragon.

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Re: Update on Presidential Run

Post  Dark*Star on Fri 05 Nov 2010, 5:55 am

No. more. dragons.


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Re: Update on Presidential Run

Post  Drifter on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 3:16 am

vanguard wrote:It really isn't every day you get the opportunity to see a dragon.
By my calculation it every 63.37 days.

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Re: Update on Presidential Run

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