Want Ad: Hire me!

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Want Ad: Hire me!

Post  0V3RB34R on Sun 03 Jan 2010, 9:51 pm

Hey shadow-community! OV3RB34R here. I'm looking to extend my wallet potential, so I'm out to offer my services.

Specialization in communications and Matrix Overwatch: if you need someone on the homefront to watch your back, keep you updated and in contact, let you know when Lonestar is coming, or follow you via satellite feed, I'm your bear.

My skills include:
IC design
Graphic design
Matrix Overwatch
Security measures
Good people skills

One proviso: physical site intrusion is not my style, remote host intrusion only.

Available at all hours.

Telecom #: 426-946-8229

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Re: Want Ad: Hire me!

Post  Longinuss on Tue 05 Jan 2010, 12:22 pm

"Highly Recommended! I love this Chummer!" -NomSkull

So how's the job hunt going?

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